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About us

Our dedication

We have decades of professional experience in testing, development and project management. As a development company, we often find that clients lack the testing capacity and expertise. This is what the Testing Factory team is eager to help with.



Highly qualified data analysts analyze the required specification. Key points, business processes as well as necessary resources are defined, user interface interpretation of the exact product is carried out.

Writing test scenarios

Defining test cases based on system requirements and required specifications, designing environments, preparing documentation for testing and test reporting.


Testing can be done manually and automatically, based on test cases. Predefined sequences are carried out, testing is based on data and methods on each platform and version.


Pricing is based on a simplified function point calculation.
Please contact us for a detailed offer. For reference please find below some of our base costs:

Preparation of test scenarios and test data

  • 20 € / function point

One-time testing on a platform

  • 1,5 € / function point

On all other platforms

  • 1,2 € / function point

One function point:

      - that display maximum 5 data objects
      - 1 static user interface
      - an easy operation

Two function point:

      - that display maximum 15 data objects
      - data entry for 5 data objects
      - a medium operation

For example

      Testing the login page is 2 function points. Tested it twice on three platforms costs € 55,6.

About the team


"Always splitting hairs."

Testing leader of Progic Ltd. Besides test planning, testing and administrative tasks he organizes and supervises testers work.


"Speedy database guru"

Who stands the pace by drinking 5 cups of coffee a day while creating scripts generating an enormous amount of testingdata.

Testing team

We work with real users for beta testing, exploration tests, regression tests and much more to discover even the bugs you would never think of.
"Software testers do not make software; they only make them better."


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